Last week we posted on THE PHOENIX WAY Face book page…..  What’s Your Favorite Aspect About The Phoenix Way?

We got a ton of cool responces!!! Check um out below!!

  • The Phoenix Way What I like most is the extraordinary group of positive people training at The Phoenix Way. They inspire me every day.

    March 15 at 9:14am ·
  • Ellie Correa Reda I second that!! As a non-participant you walk in there and feel the positive, safe place for the whole family. I love that also, you welcome the whole family.

    March 15 at 9:40am ·
  • Brian Kerr The people around me. I feel like I have a new family that really cares about me as a fighter and as a person. Osu

    March 15 at 10:31am ·
  • The Phoenix Way Without a doubt, it’s the people and the positive energy that they bring with them. Our instructor’s ( Shihan Codispoti, Sensei Ryan, Sensei Rojas and Sensei Viz) all take a vested interested in everyone on the dojo floor. It truly is a family – Buck

    March 15 at 1:20pm ·
  • Alan Placer ‎”I like how you are tested for a belt when you are ready instead of as a group, and how you have to work hard for it. And the people too of course!” – Connor P

    March 15 at 6:40pm ·
  • Dominic Colella Top-notch training taught by instructors and upper belts who are extremely talented, engaged in each stage of your personal progress and always highly available. The leadership in this organization will get you in the best condition of your life, while learning essential skills with useful purposes.

    March 15 at 9:34pm ·
  • Anthony Cuoco

    The Phoenix Way is a great place train with the best instructors around…but here you get more than martial arts training. Positive atmosphere ,friends, family people you can trust. We are all like minded individuals with the same goal…t…See More
    March 16 at 9:19am ·
  • Derek Gordon The moves and training are individually tailed to you. Simply put a skinny five foot ten fifty year old is trained differently then a six foot two twenty year old. One size doesn’t fit all, so the phoenix way adjusts for individuals outside of the mold. Having livid my life outside the mold it’s a great experience to have a place I can fit in.

    March 16 at 9:27am ·
  • Dan Soller OSU! Favorite would be tough, but I would probably concur with Sempai Cuoco in that the entire way points to excellence, a desire to strive and improve oneself with terrific support. Seeing the phoenix in the spirit of OSU puts a pretty good wrap on it all… OSU. Kancho

    March 16 at 4:17pm ·
  • Steph Prestol ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! … Shihan Anthony= AMAZING & THE BEST…. the Training= TOUGH, INTENSE, PUSHES YOU TO BEYOND WHAT YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE CAPABLE OF… The gym= super clean and well kept…. The People= Are practically my family ♥ ..i love just about everything about The Phoenix Way =D

    March 16 at 7:15pm ·
  • Rob Cruz the atmosphere is great from when you first walk in. everytime i go in i feel like im training with my family and everyday your guaranteed to learn something new and make yourself better

    March 16 at 8:17pm ·



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