What is your “Giant”?

What is your “Giant”?

As individuals living our lives we have very few people to motivate us daily.  In fact, many of you are alone to face your GIANTS.  Those BIG obstacles to your success.  You don’t think you have what it takes – you give up before you reach your goal.  You never really knew how close you came to breaking through.

All of us hopefully can connect to mentors, colleagues and friends to keep us accountable and motivated. What keeps me going is my faith, my family, my Kancho, my friends…. Michelle, Danny, Omar, Mike, Ed, Cathy… and an inner drive I cannot explain.

This movie clip from “Facing The Giants” will show you that it’s worth giving your best, and challenging yourself to go farther than you ever have before.


P.S. This totally reminds me of my second degree black belt test!!!! and yes I think I cried when it was over too.


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