Wednesday, September 17th Class

Its hard to repeat a back to back high adrenaline class like Sunday. But non the less it was a good one tonight.  I hope I got across the point that reality fights are much different than fighting in the ring. A time may arise where you need to elevate your attach in a fierce and brutal way.  Don’t forget theirs rules even in a MMA cage… on the street its only you and the one who stand before you.  So what’s it going to be him or you?? My hope tonight is you go home and start brain mapping the difference between Kumite in class and a full out assault on the street. They truly are two totally different realities. 

Have a great end of your week!!! I know I will… I’m solo for 3 days with my kids… Wish me Luck!!!


Shihandai Anthony

P.S. Anyone want to baby sit?? Only kidding!!!

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