Who knew Kancho had a sence of humor??!!!  He and I were talking about breaking for new students and this was his responce.  Who knew!! LOL


Breaking?  Ut- oh.  What if my hand hurts, Shihan? What if it doesn’t break? What if the holder doesn’t do well? Would it be my fault? What if I get hurt? What will my work say? Do other styles do this? Have you ever done it? Do I hit it hard? Will you show me how? What if I miss? What if I hit the holder by accident? What if I hurt myself… will I still be able to walk? Take karate ever again? Is this too brutal? Why am I doing this? Is this breaking stuff free? What is the Japanese for this…. Again? And the Japanese say it means what… again? And this has to with what…. Again? If I break a board can I break someone’s face? How many can you break? Really… you can break? Who taught you? Have you ever broke a baseball bat? A bottle? A real brick? More than one board?



Have I heard it all… or what???????????????????????????? 

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