Self Defense for Woman in Shrewsbury NJ

Self Defense for Woman in Shrewsbury and Red Bank New Jersey


At the Phoenix Way we are committed in everything self defense for Woman.  One huge misconception in woman’s self defense is that you need to only learn a few basic strikes.  Although that is helpful its just as important to teach our woman verbal self defense.  So we go into detail in training our woman to use their voices and verbally talk down a possible assault.  We approach self defense for woman in three areas, we call this theA,B,C’s of self defense.  A= Awareness, This is more than just teaching be aware of your surrounding and don’t walk down dark allies by yourself.  Its the awareness of what predators are looking for and helping woman understand how the body and mind react under adrenal stress. We then cover B= Boundary setting,  we go into detail in empowering our woman in knowing they have the right and responsibility to choice who gets close to them.  We help woman develop skills to set appropriate boundaries and to have an appropriate reaction to any given situation.  Last is C= Conflict resolution/Combat, at the end of the day last resort is to fight like a momma bear protecting her young.  We have years of experience in knowing what works and whatdoesn’t.


So if your looking for a premier woman’s self defense program you must check us out!



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