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BJJ in Red Bank NJ

BJJ in Red Bank NJ

Although Brazilian Jiu Jitsu primarily takes place on the ground, you cannot ignore the fact that it starts on the feet. Lately theBJJ classes at The Phoenix Way have revolved around the stand-up portion. The group goes over a progression of take-downs that can work together as a combination.

The first throw dissected was the “Ippon Seoi Nage” or a one arm shoulder throw. The Seoi Nage is an extremely popular technique in Judo and is often one of the first throw’s a person learns.


Next up is the Tai Otoshi, a body drop technique. A key detail in the Tai Otoshi is the placement and movement of the hands.


The Final take-down is called Makikomia wrapping throw. Here it is in Slow-Motion:


Once the students get a feel for the progression the Uke, (the person getting thrown), starts to resist throughout the movement. The Uke will either brace the hips forward or step their front leg back.

For the person throwing, it develops a sensitivity to the angle of resistance and forces the person to redirect the energy of the throw by changing the attack angle and height.

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