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The Importance of a PG-13 rating on the new documentary “Bully”

I’ve been following the ordeal surrounding the new documentary about bullying called “Bully”.  To put it briefly the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) slapped an R rating on the Weinstein Company documentary.  In doing so hindering its direct target audience (Teenagers) from viewing it.  Many people including Harvey Weinstein have been fighting to have the rating agency change the R rating to PG-13 to no avail.

The importance of the movie is certainly for everyone to see.  But in reality it’s especially important for kids and teens.  I have not had the opportunity to view the movie, but apparently due to some harsh language it denotes the R rating.  We are not talking about sex or violence here.  The discrepancies with the language used by the “bullies” are words I’m sure our children hear every day.  I’m not advocating the use of harsh language, but I am saying lets get real here.  The ultimate goal of the movie is to educate children and highlight how bullying has become a national crisis. Attempting to shelter our children from the language that actual bullies are using is just nonsense.  How are we to empower and equip our children with life skills to protect themselves if we are not exposing them to the true realities at which bullies act.

The R rating has other viewing obstacles as well.  It would prohibit the school systems from viewing the movie in there schools.  I’m reluctant to say its fine to view this in schools due to the fact I have not seen the movie. I will say a PG-13 ratings importance would create greater awareness to children and teens about the effects of bullying.  Anytime we can create greater awareness to causes such as bullying we have a greater opportunity to ensure happier lives and possibly save them.

In sum the R rating certainly creates a difficult hurdle for children to view this movie.  If the Motion Picture Association Of America can change the rating to a PG-13 this would create a better opportunity for children and teens to view this important message.  Please view the trailer below.



If you know of someone who is being bullied either step up and help them directly (The Power of One), tell someone like a friend, parent, another adult or contact us here directly at www.The Phoenix located in Shrewsbury NJ.

THANK YOU in advance for reading and helping out when possible.

Shihan Anthony Codispoti


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