Are You Prepared?

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Over the past few days I’ve reflected on what are some of the core attributes of our Phoenix Karate Black Belts.  In my 20 plus years in the association the number one thing in common is we all  prepared to be the best we could be for our Black Belt Test.  Their seems to be an inner drive to be prepared beyond what was expected.  I was always fascinated how prepared every single candidate came for their tests.  EVERYONE stepped up their training in so many ways.  I loved listening to their journeys to black and all the different training methods they used to prepare.  From running to weight training, yoga, eating plans, training with different people, traveling to train with other black belts and so much more.  They all did what they had to do to come physically strong and of course mentally tough.  I must say I truly trained like I was going to the Olympics for my tests.  I had a drive to succeed and I refused to not be ready.  My goal was to be so prepared for my tests that by the time I showed up a test wasn’t needed.  My pre-test training would be so grueling that my test would be just a formality.  So I ask you…. How do you prepare for your tests???  Are you truly doing all that you can to be prepared.  Yes I know life gets in the way and we all can come up with millions of excuses why we are not prepared…. I’m so busy, work has been tough, I have children, I’m to tired, I have no one to train with, Its been so cold out, my spouse doesn’t understand, blah blah blah.  What’s wrong with having a passion and feeding it??!!  I see in my own life when I consistently train I’m a better Husband, Father, Teacher and Advisor.  I find that when I take care of me I’m that much better for everyone else.  So be good to you!!!  Go do what you love.  Find the passion in what you do and be inspired.  I hear so often oh Sue or Bobby are just so lazy….NO THEY ARE NOT LAZY!!! THEY ARE JUST NOT INSPIRED!!!  Find the love in what you do and the passion will awake and you will find yourself inspired!!!  So I put this back in your lap… what are you doing to prepare for the next level????  When preparing for your next test think PRIDE, DISCIPLINE, HEART and MIND and your confidence will shine.  Below I have a list of Are you a Winner or a Whiner.  I loved it…enjoy.

I will end with this amazing quote by Joe Paterno….

” The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital.

Are you a WINNER or a WHINER?

WINNERS are positive, optimistic, pro active and excited about their goals and activities in life….

WHINERS are negative, pessimistic, re active and love to whine about everything and anything….

WINNERS develop self-discipline in order to bring out their absolute best in themselves and in others….

WHINERS lack discipline of their minds and are often critical of themselves and others….

WINNERS condition their minds and bodies for Peak Performance in and out of the dojo….

WHINERS blame others for their problems and always make excuses for Poor Performance in and out of the dojo….

WINNERS give value to others, they train hard and make a positive contribution to their team….

WHINERS love to moan, groan and complain, and their negative attitude
takes away from their team….

WINNERS brighten up a room when they enter….

WHINERS brighten it up as they exit….

Shihandai Anthony

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